Conference Topics

Topics of interest include as followings:

(A)​ Architecture and Architectural Engineering

       Green Architecture

       Ecological Architecture

       Building Energy Management

       Building Information Modelling

       Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering

       Green Building Materials

       IOT/Smart Buildings

       Digital Architecture


(B)​ Construction Engineering and Management

       Project Management

       Feasibility Evaluation

       Risk Management

       Civil Engineering and Engineering Management

       Advanced Construction Technology

       Innovative Construction and Development

       Digital Construction

       Disaster Prevention and Mitigation


(C)​ Environmental Engineering and Geographic Information

      Environmental Monitoring and Control

      Environmental Planning and Assessment

      Environmental Protection

      Environmental Sustainability

      Environmental Safety and Health

      Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science

      Geographic Information System Innovation

      Geographic Information System Application


(D)​ Hydraulic Engineering

       Coastal and Harbor Engineering

       Ecological Hydraulics

       Water Resources Development and Management

       Fluids Mechanics and Numerical analysis

       River Restoration and Flood Mitigation

       Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

       Construction Management of Hydraulics Engineering


(E)​ Other Related Topics